Remote  Camera Streaming

Remote Camera Streaming    ( Bonding Router )

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  • We have everything you need to live-stream your project while on location​​

  • Complete Bonding Router Kits
  • Preconfigured / Plug-in Play
  • Multi Modem, 4  SIM  
  • Large Non-Throttling Data Plans
  • Remote Cloud Management ​
  • QTAKE, Teradek, Clearview, Millicast
  • Video Conferencing Zoom & Bluejeans.

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The need to livestream camera feeds or use video conferencing platforms, across a secure, reliable, unbreakable, cellular connection while on location. To ensure that the solution will offer low latency, jitter free performance to allow video sharing applications to work flawlessly


To provide seamless connectivity during remote live video streaming, we recommend a bonded, multi modem / four SIM mobile router combined with high-performance antennas and SpeedFusion

This device creates a multicarrier robust pipeline for delivering video from point to point. The combination of several network connections allows broadcasters to reinforce their video by sending traffic over multiple routes, repackaging at the destination VPN tunnel which guarantees the best possible connection.

In addition, FEC ( forward error correction ) and WAN smoothing technology ensures jitter-free video streaming by mitigating the effect of packet loss and uneven network latency.

By using InControl ( a cloud based remote management tool ) technicians can perform configurations and troubleshooting to overcome  technical hurdles while live streaming.

What is cellular bonding?

Cellular bonding is the technology to combine multiple 5G/4G/LTE modems into a single, robust Internet connection for deploying live video