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Lightweight Headsets

We meticulously clean and sanitize all our walkies, headsets and surveillance kits with a non-toxic antibacterial cleaner.  Our headsets and surveillance kits are then hermetically sealed in poly bags.

Check Out
We check every aspect of the radio prior to it leaving our facility.  the channel change switch, volume on/off, accessory jack, antenna, mic and speaker.

Labeled and Ready
You will receive your walkie order with fully charged batteries.  The walkies will be taped / labeled and ready to hand out with our included sign-out sheet

Mobile Units

Noise Cancelling Headsets 


Surveillance Kits

Multibank Chargers

Repeaters / ​Base Stations

Walkies and More ...

​​Low Rates .  Superior Equipment  .  Exceptional Service  .  Fast Delivery

Our Walkies

We supply Motorola CP200 16 channel radios ... each having their own private channel guard.

These units are manufactured for use in the USA and meet the highest commercial grade standards.

Maintenance / Tuning

We have a Motorola Service Monitor that allows us to tune each radio transmitter and receiver to its optimal performance.


We utilize the very latest Lightweight Lithium Ion battery technology. Our ext. life batteries can last up to 3 days